A Checklist: Benefits of Fabrication Projects Under One Roof

December 08, 2016

Today we turn our attention to the ability of your steel fabrication partner to complete an entire project in a single location. Partnering with a turnkey metal operation that meets capacity, lead time, and quality standards will have some serious benefits, but how can you make sure that they are checking all the boxes? In order to correctly choose the right business partner, take a look at the key services that are needed to keep all of your projects under one roof.

Custom FabricationA Checklist- Custom FabricationBurning and Lifting Abilities, Various Welding Techniques

 Precision Machining

   A Checklist- Precision Maching

    Custom Projects, Design, Various Operational Envelopes

Finishing Solutions

 A Checklist- Finishing Solutions

Paint, Metal Finishing, Assembly

 You may or may not use all of the available processes of your business partner, but custom, or niche, projects may require different services. Partnering with a turnkey steel fabrication company will ensure that all needs are properly addressed. There is also the benefit of reduced costs, as efficiency increases from the start of a project through to the end.


Make sure that your current partner isn’t relying on several other locations to complete the key services above. If the result is any of these services being contracted out to other locations, it is likely you are not receiving the most efficient solution to meet your needs and that partner is not in control of their own schedule. Check to make sure that all of your parts are being fabricated and machined in the same location, because if they aren’t you are probably paying for it.


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