The unfabricated story.

Image of Welder at WorkExacTech Inc. is a world-class, turnkey metalworking operation that handles medium-to-mega metal fabrication, ultra-precision CNC machining, burning, blasting, metal assembly and finishing services. Located in Northeast Wisconsin, we work with customers around the world to provide high-quality, precision fabrication for such industries as Mining, Marine, Construction, and Energy. With a lifting capacity of 100 tons, and nearly 100 highly-experienced fabricators, machinists and assemblers, we not only out-lift, but outsmart the competition.
Our state-of-the-art metal and fabrication outsourcing facility handles:

  • Image of Warehouse InteriorMedium-to-heavy metal fabrication
  • Ultra-precision CNC machining
  • Burning/blasting/painting
  • Assembly
  • Transportation