Picking the Right Wire for the Job

ExacTech’s high-quality, precision fabrication is a result of nearly 25+ years of highly-experienced fabrication, machining and assembly that provides customers with a world-class turnkey operation. Since there is no wire that classifies as “one-size-fits-all,” ExacTech offers various wire options in order to provide only the best for our customers. Each wire has a unique job and reflects both the quality and durability needed for every individual task.

ExacTech’s Four In-House Wires

The four specific ExacTech in-house wires consist of a 1/16 flux-core, a 3/32 flux-core, 1/8 submerged-arc wire, and a .052 metal core. 1/16 wire is utilized during applications needing both in and out position welding, allowing for good deposition rates. The 3/32 flux-core wire is used for some finishing passes and the filling of large bevels. The 1/8 sub-arc wire is used at ExacTech to weld flange plates together. The metal core .052 wire is primarily used to weld small parts, such as wheel frames to provide useful productivity.


When and How to Use Flux-Core vs. Metal Core Wire

Flux-core and solid metal core wires provide the perfect balance when tackling each unique welding project in a time-efficient manner. Welders should take into consideration the proper shielding gas, voltage settings, thickness of material, and the location/atmosphere in which they are welding. These factors help determine which wire should be used for each specific project.

Flux-core wires contain their own shielding method, increasing the weld mobility. The shielding carbon dioxide gas allows for the electrode weld to be protected from oxygen, nitrogen and moisture in the air. Carbon dioxide flows through the welding gun, allowing a temporary gas bubble to form around the electrode for the duration of the weld. Pure CO2 gas has an easier ionization potential, higher thermal conductivity and is more reactive in comparison to using a combination of CO2 and argon gas which produces higher oxidization levels in the arc.

Metal-core wires operate using a spray transfer mode, producing a broad, cone-shape arc resulting in a wide penetration profile. Metal core wires have high deposition rates and efficiencies, high duty cycles, high travel speeds, and low splatter levels. The .052 wire does not need a constant voltage power supply in order to operate, resulting in a much cleaner welding process. The inside of metal core wires contain metallic fillers and arc stabilizers that provide multiple benefits to the final weld, such as creating high impact strengths and reducing pre-welding activities through easy, consistent arc control.


Sub-arc Wire Welding

At ExaTech, welding with submerged arc wire allows for a clean and consistent weld for all large beam fabrication projects. The first step to sub-arcing is to fit-up the flange plate and then by filling the machine one-half to three-fourths full with .052 metal core. Sub-arc welding requires the wire to be continuously-fed through the tractor sub-arc machine for the weld duration, resulting in a smooth and constant end result.


The wire options utilized at ExacTech allow our welders to fabricate in the most practical manner on the market. The flux-core and solid metal core wires have different properties and are designed for various projects and environments. Sub-arc wire welding allows for a consistent and clean weld for all of our large fabrication projects. At ExacTech, high quality is in our roots, which is why we provide the highest quality wiring materials to meet your specs. Our products are streamlined to deliver high precision throughout the fabrication, machining and assembly processes which is why ExacTech’s wire options are adaptable to fit each unique welding task.

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