Tips for CNC Machining Centers

Follow the tips below to ensure your CNC Machining Center is up and running at all times.

CNC Machining Centers hold a huge place in the production scheduleTips for CNC Machining Centers for fabrication centers. With the amount of work that is performed on horizontal boring bars and CNC Machining Centers, it should come as no surprise that keeping these important tools working in top condition needs to be a priority. Downtime can mean logistical challenges when trying to meet a deadline and make for costly repairs.

Preventative Maintenance should be routine when taking into consideration the importance of CNC machining equipment, but what are some general steps that can be taken to make sure your key parts in the production schedule run smoothly?

  1. Check fluid levels.This might seem like an obvious piece of advice, but it is still emphasized due to the importance of running conditions. Avoid issues such as pump cavitation, foaming, overheating of machining tools and motors, and rusting. It is recommended that fluid levels are checked on a regular basis. Checking gauges and adding or subtracting fluid doesn’t take very long and can keep a machine from costly down time.
  2. Wipe down windows(if you have one) and any stainless steel. Having a window to see what is going on inside of the operation envelope is very important. Having clear visibility helps to catch possible problems faster and helps to ensure higher quality. Wiping down stainless steel makes for a cleaner operation and reduces surface areas that might become odorous.
  3. Check coolant filters.Not needed as frequently as checking fluid levels, but the coolant fluid filters should also be inspected. They can become a breeding ground for bacteria and also lead to low pressure that make CNC machines perform at slower, less efficient rates.
  4. Check spindles for radial and end play. This is the least frequent preventative maintenance tip that needs to occur. Around the 2,000 hour machining mark take a look at the bearings and test the preload.

Preventative maintenance is usually spelled out in the O &M manuals of most CNC machines and should be performed on a routine basis to ensure high levels of productivity, and to avoidance costly downtime.


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