HNK Model HFB 150 CNC Ram/Floor horizontal Boring and Milling Machine

ExacTech’s HNK Model Boring and Milling machine increases capabilities and versatility by providing a larger machining envelope that is 20 feet horizontal by 10 feet vertical.

HNK Model HFB 150 CNC Indexing Table

ExacTech’s HNK Model HFB 150 has a 20-ton CNC rotary indexing table that can turn 360 degrees allowing for two product setups at the same time.

Proven Boring Bar

ExacTech's proven CNC horizontal Boring Bar is one of the largest in the Midwest with capabilities to machine large high tolerance parts while safeguarding efficiency and precision!

New Burn Table Advances Capabilities

ExacTech's new Plasma Burn Table enhances the capability of the cutting process to ensure quality, reliability and efficiency.

Medium-to-Heavy Metal Fabrication,
Precision Machining and Assembly...

ExacTech stands on the cutting edge of today's machine centers handling medium-to-heavy metal fabrication, ultra-precision Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, burning/blasting, metal assembly and finishing services. We are a state-of-the-art metal and fabrication outsourcing facility located in Wisconsin and serve the Midwest, the continental US and Canada. Our services are second to none with the capability to handle parts weighing up to 100 ton and the reputation for matching our medium-to-heavy metal fabrications with high quality and precision tolerance work. In addition, we provide value added services to meet your manufacturing needs all at one location.

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